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Nine Moons Piercing is a Premier Piercing Studio, located in New York City. We are a high-end body piercing & jewelry studio, conveniently located Starr is by far my favorite piercer, and will always be my only piercer in NYC! She's extremely kind, patient, and focused on consent in a way that inspires...

These are the best piercing shops in NYC for everything you could want, including nose, septum and belly piercings. Overseen by head piercer Paul Fox, this fully disposable shop practices sterile and aseptic techniques with precise aftercare instruction and free checkups.

Getting a new piercing requires some research: You have to hunt down the best placements, scope out trends, and, most importantly, find a piercer who can Lucky for you, we made the search a little easier by tracking down the best piercing studios in New York — and exactly who you should make...

body piercing shops — we've located 233 beauty salons and spas in New York City city body piercing shops nearby with addresses, contact details, photos, reviews and ratings.

STORE INFO WAYS TO SHOP piercing studio FAQS GALLERY. To our community, ‍ This is a tough time for everyone, and we want to do our part in protecting our community and our team. We have proactively chosen to close our retail stores (Toronto, NYC, LA, SF, and our newest location in Boston).

Housed in the heart of New York City - Bleecker Street, Village Tattoo NYC specializes in creative Tattoo, Piercing &...

Piercings are done by a highly trained professional using a single-use, laser-cut piercing needle. All jewelry used is fully sterilized at the time of your appointment. Call or email us if you have a question on a specific piece of jewelry or type of piercing and we'll be happy to assist.

Crazy Factory, your low-cost body piercing shop » Lowest Factory Prices More than 5M satisfied customers since 2005 Huge selection Top...The world's #1 piercing shop! My favorite shop. For years I've been a happy customer and love the prices and quality. The product selection is just...

The «69 LEVEL» store represents a collection of authentic jewelry for all existent kinds of piercing and its imitation. There are premium articles made from steel, titanium, bone, coral, noble metals and wood, buffalo horn, glass, silicone and acryl. They are compatible to skin and organism and completely safe.

SHOP BY: All | New Arrivals Sets Best Sellers Birthstone. February Birthstone Bar - Single $21. We decided to celebrate the occasion with something sparkly—Rowan made it so fun. We'll always remember our trip to NYC when we put on our second piercing earrings!".

Iris Piercing Studio offers you a modern and safe experience without compromise. We provide only the highest quality body jewelry and clean technique.

Piercings - Shop elegant piercings made with recycled gold. Buy ear piercings and piercing earrings at Pamela Love. - Free ground shipping on all orders in the U.S.- Shop AllShop All.

Each piercing at New York Adorned is done by a highly trained professional using a single-use, laser-cut piercing needle. Healing a piercing requires dedication. Remember that irritation does not necessarily mean infection. Please call, email, or stop by the shop with any questions or concerns.

Our piercing shops offer a sterile and comfortable piercing environment with educated jewelry staff and professional piercers who will help you achieve your desired look! Whether you are looking for a new piece from our jewelry store, a fresh piercing or a jewelry change, we're here to help you.

Piercings & Body Jewelry made of different materials » order on PIERCINGLINE - The online shop for piercing and stainless steel jewelry » PIERCINGLINE.com.

Shop Ear Piercing. Go to Category: Piercing Kits. The piercing instrument does not come into contact with the ear at any time, only the pre-sterilized, preloaded cartridge. The piercing back is automatically installed onto the piercing with no need to adjust after piercing - for your ultimate...

I forget the piercers name (sorry!) but he increased the gauges on my ears with zero pain and also fixed my wife's nose ring. Super chilled place - thanks guys!1. Darren, NYC. This is such an awesome place! I've been here twice now and each time I had the best time.

Near You 20+ Piercing Shops near you. I don't charge the ridiculous prices that all other local shops do. We are the regular working folks tattoo and piercing shop. I know what it's like to work hard and raise a family and some little thing you want for yourself shouldn't be a struggle to get.

Our collection of high end piercing jewelry available in our piercing shop or that you can purchase online.

Staff Picks. Tragus Piercings. 798 Products.

Safety is our top priority. We will walk you through the piercing process, and will answer all of your questions. Our goal is to make sure you are well informed, and assure that you leave with both a clean and healthy piercing including detailed written information of the jewelry applied and aftercare...

All piercings come with standard jewelry. Gem Upgrade is $10. Recovery Aftercare $10. Choose a Category Below. Nose / Oral Piercing. Nostril. $15. Septum. $30. Tongue, Smilie, & Frownie. Each $30. Facial Piercings. Lip or Eyebrow. $15. Monroe, Labret, Vertical Labret, & Ashley. Each $25.

Rising Dragon is one of the best New York tattoo shops/parlors in Manhattan, with great tattoo artists that specialize in custom tattoos of all styles: Japanese, Full Color, Portraits, Black & Gray, Polynesian South Pacific Maori Tribal. Every artist here loves to create.

Curated list of Piercing Shops & Piercers worldwide in which we are confident in their ethics, skills and techniques. Search only verified Piercing Shops. Please check to make sure that the piercer you select is actually a member. If you are interested in how to pick the perfect piercing shop and piercer...

The rook piercing is a cartilage piercing in the upper ear. Here's what you need to know about the inner ear piercing, from pain level to how much it costs. We called on a piercer and dermatologists to educate us on everything you need to know about this cool and niche piercing. Keep scrolling!

Tattoo and piercing shops are so overwhelmed with business that some are turning patrons away. Artists and owners say it's a sign that people are Tattoo and piercing shop-owners like Collurafici told Insider they've seen a spike in business since many states relaxed COVID-19 safety protocols for...

I work at a shop in RI very close to CT, we keep getting emails to insist we stay open. I haven't gone in because between me and my co workers we see 300-350 clients a week to me that's too much chance living with my grandmother Tattoo and piercing.?. Hold on a second, I think my brain is rebooting.

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